Potter & Port

The END has come… well, for Harry Potter fanatics such as myself and my husband that is. The release of the last HP movie was highly anticipated for both of us, and so, of course, we had to take the opportunity to make a night of it! As we geared up to go to the part 1/2 double feature midnight show at the local theater, we decided to stop by one of our favorite local hangouts, Swirl on the Square Wine and Tapas Bar.

While there, we had an opportunity to try a couple of new wines and a couple of tried and true favorites. A new wine that we particularly enjoyed was Ruby Hill’s Elevato, which was actually part of a featured flight selected by Bryersantis, a local wine blogging group. The Elevato is a Bordeaux blend dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon and with it’s fruit forwardness and smooth finish, it is very easily enjoyed.

I also had Cuda Ridge’s Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon, one of my favorites, which is 100% California Cabernet. It is a bold wine with a very berry finish that stood up well with the spicy/sweet flavors in Swirl’s BBQ Cornbread Stack. I love that this wine is bold, yet is not too heavy on the tannins. Lastly, we ended our meal with the warm, super chocolatey brownie… and well, if you are going to have something super chocolatey, then you simply must have port. Fortunately for me, on the menu last Thursday, was a Steven Kent 2003 Cabernet Port… one of my absolute favorite ports in the Livermore Valley. Can I just say that it did NOT disappoint. It is the perfect combination of hints of sweetness and Cabernet with a nice brandy finish.

Our time at Swirl was definitely a great start to a memorable, yet bittersweet evening! I hope you can make some time to swing by Swirl to enjoy these or several other excellent wines that are a part of their selection!  For all my fellow Potterheads our there – Mischief Managed!


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