It’s about time, don’t you think? It has been a really, really, really long time since I last posted. And I miss it. I have been all work and no play… well, okay, maybe a little play. But nothing inspirational… and after all, that is what this blog is all about… enjoying good food, wine, and company and sharing that experience with… well, with you.

Part of my struggle has been that last fall I discovered, accepted, conceded to (all of the above) the fact that I am gluten intolerant. No more lovely, warm, crusty, sourdough baguette for me. The foodie in me died… just a little. However, I will not waive a white flag and surrender, for in my arsenal I have a wealth of culinary knowledge. Knowledge that will allow me to forge ahead and create gluten-free versions of the things I love in order to not eat the gluten free crap they attempt to sell at the store.

Thus, I have experimented, in blogging silence, over the last few months as I navigated through the holidays, determined to have my gluten free cake and eat it too (so to speak). AND, I can proudly say, that we enjoyed my traditional Thanksgiving Stuffing and Christmas Sugar cookies in an undetectable gluten free format. I will share those recipes at a later date.

I have digressed, let me get to why I am here…Girasole Vineyards Pinot

1. Revival – I am determined to blog at least once a month… hopefully more, but it’s baby steps you know. This is a public commitment, so let’s not get too crazy.

2. I found, well James did, a new mid-week wine that is organic (no added sulfites = no headache) and only $10 at Costco. Oh, and it tastes nice too… notes of berry, plum, white pepper and all that jazz (I’m too lazy/tired to really get into all that now). Check it out Girasole Vineyards Mendocino Pinot Noir 2011.


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Full time mom, educator, and foodie! Part-time blogger! Follow me for yummy recipes made with love from wholesome real foods!
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