Things I am obsessed with

IMG_1074 (1)

Halloween 2015… a favorite holiday of ours!

1. My kids
The rest in competing and yet equally important order…
2a. Disneyland
2b. Food & Cooking
2c. Wine
2d. Entertaining

I am part Sicilian, and so as my genetic code demands, traditions, food, wine, close friends and family, and conversation play a significant role in my life. I am a true believer in the Mediterranean mindset of working to live, rather than living to work.

I am a total foodie and wine lover who, thanks to fate’s cruel irony, also has celiac (wha wha). No more REAL pasta, no more crusty San Francisco sourdough… ugh, the knife turns as I write this!

Unfortunately my two kids also show symptoms of celiac disease, especially my daughter, in addition to lactose intolerance (contributed by Daddy), so needless to say, I have to get creative in the kitchen!

For me this is a late in life diagnosis, and so over the last couple of years I have been working to find ways to include the food I love back into my life, while at the same time regaining my health. Fortunately, we aren’t picky eaters and I am comfortable in the kitchen, and so we have been able to adjust without too much sacrifice. As a result of our food intolerances, the recipes we cook are mainly Paleo…. I know, how trendy… but, they are also healthy, colorful, and delicious!

I love to cook and entertain as well as to cook with my kids. I strive to teach them healthy foundations and attitudes when it comes to food, as well as to pass on kitchen traditions.

When I am not in the kitchen, enjoying the breeze on the patio while the kids play, or transporting children to gymnastics or track, I am a former middle school English teacher, who now works in education as a staff developer of Personalized and Project Based Learning (another passion of mine, but that is another blog!).

In my family, we spend much of our time eating good food and drinking good wine with our closest friends and family. I am hoping to share our favorite experiences, pairings, recipes, and wines with you!


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